UCL Division of Biosciences


CDB Honorary Staff


Dr Aamir Ahmed

Honorary Associate Professor

Novel targets for cancer therapy and biomarkers

Mr Pouria Hadjibagheri

Honorary Lecturer

Advanced data handling and analysis

Dr Marc Jones

Honorary Research Fellow

The origin and radiation of salamanders and other amphibians

Ms Jade Lau

Honorary Research AssistanHonorary Research Fellowt

Marketing and recruitment development - Learn To Discover (L2D)

Dr Gianmaria Liccardi

Honorary Lecturer

Lecturer on CELL0010 – The principles of Cellular Control

Mr Marios Poullas

Honorary Research Fellow

Tutor on SysMIC and Learn To Discover (L2D)

Dr Mate Varga

Honorary Senior Research Fellow

Mapping and characterization of several zebrafish mutants

Dr Kai Walter Weissenbruch

Honorary Research Fellow

Mechanisms of collective neural crest cell migration