Bentham Project


Old Radical: Representations of Jeremy Bentham

ed. Catherine Fuller (The Bentham Project, University College London, 1998) pp.66.

To celebrate the 250th anniversary of Bentham's birth an exhibition was arranged at University College London from September-December 1998 which explored Bentham's writings and work, through manuscripts and through portraits of Bentham. All known images of Bentham were gathered together, and the catalogue which was produced for the exhibition includes details of all the portraits in oil, engravings, satirical prints, lithographs, sculpture, medallions, as well as the auto-icon.

The exhibition and the catalogue reflect Bentham's wide range of interests and his radicalism which took many forms: the philosophical originality of his theory of utility; his ideas on law and punishment which circulated throughout the world during the late enlightenment; his association with the philosophes and his brief involvement with the French Revolution; his political radicalism; his involvement in working-class radicalism in alliance with Francis Place and others; his influence in Spain, Portugal, Greece, France, and Latin America.

Additionally there are three articles by leading UCL scholars: Philip Schofield, 'Jeremy Bentham: Legal Philosopher and Political Reformer', Negley Harte, 'The Owner of Share No. 633: Jeremy Bentham and University College'; and David Bindman, 'The Skeleton in the Cupboard: Jeremy Bentham's Auto-Icon'.

The catalogue is available price £7. Cheques payable to Universty College London.
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