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Political Tactics

Page Line   Corrected text
ii 10 delete 'asembly'
    insert 'assembly'
xvi, 22   Louis XVI (1754-93)
xxvi, 39 insert the following new sentence at the beginning of the existing note: i.e. 'Draught of a New Plan for the Organisation of the Judicial Establishment in France: proposed as a Succedaneum to the Draught presented, for the same purpose, by the Committee of Constitution, to the National Assembly, December 21st, 1789', London, 1790.
  n.6 delete 'Parlementaires'.
    insert 'parlementaires'
xxvii n.2 delete '209-72'.
    insert '201-72'
xxxvi, 6-7 delete Translations into German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish appeared between 1817 and 1829.
    insert Translations into German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish appeared between 1817 and 1829.
xxxvi, 30 delete 'Guadalajara, 1823, Táctica'.
    insert 'Guadalajara, 1823; Taktik för Rådslående Nationalrepresentationer, af Jeremias Bentham; Ester Författarens utkast utarbetad af Etienne Dumont, Stockholm, 1823;'.
xxxvii n.2 delete ''Baptista'.
    insert 'Bernado'
267, col.1, 23 delete 6-7 & n.
    substitute 7 & n.