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World Health Organization-Hiring!

11 January 2023

WHO is looking for a Consultant to facilitate the implementation of a research project on message framing informed by behavioural insights.

World Health Organization symbol aside a Hiring sign and description of the position


The World Health Organization (WHO) wants to appoint a CONSULTANT

Purpose of consultancy

The consultant will facilitate the set-up and implementation of the research project “Meta-WHO research on message framing informed by behavioural insights”.


The social technology company ‘Meta’ is working collaboratively with WHO to understand how to use social media platforms to improve public health messaging and access to information. Given the ubiquity of its use, and the growing number of people accessing health information via social media channels, improving our understanding of the impact of different messages framing is valuable. To guide WHO’s future health promotion messaging through social media, WHO and Meta aim to identify and build a body of evidence to inform future work. To do this, a three year programme of work is proposed to run a series of online randomized control trials (RCTs) (so called ‘Brand Lift Studies’) on Meta’s Facebook and Instagram platforms, testing various behavioural science and framing concepts and evaluating their impact on health messaging. WHO has already run over 60 Brand Lift Studies in 2021 across all three levels of the organization and this project aims to build on this experience by scientifically testing the impact of different behavioural insights constructs on health-related behaviours. 

Across the three-year programme between three and five waves of experiments are anticipated. Each wave will seek to test a number of behavioural insights constructs and be aligned with a different health campaign topic. The WHO and META project teams, and a Steering Committee, formed to guide the project, will meet over the course of the three years to define the behavioural insights to be tested in each wave.

The project consists of five phases: (1) Establish project; (2) Design research protocol and submit to WHO ethics review committee; (3) Conduct experiments; (4) Analyze data; and (5) Publish and disseminate. 

The current terms of reference are only for the first 11 months of the project which refer to the activities carried out during the first wave of experiments.

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