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19 April 2023

A preprint with the new Behaviour Change Technique Ontology and the new Mechanisms of Action Ontology are now available and ready to be reviewed.

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Advancing knowledge in behavioural science can be hugely accelerated by more efficient organisation, accumulation, sharing and integration of knowledge. Ontologies enable more precise reporting, thereby improving intra- and interdisciplinary communication, replication of findings, evidence synthesis and theory development. After 5 years of development, 2023 sees the completion of the Behaviour Change Intervention Ontology (BCIO).

Two key component ontologies of the BCIO – the Behaviour Change Technique Ontology (BCTO) and the Mechanisms of Action Ontology (MAO) – have now been published as preprints and are ready to be reviewed. Feedback on the ontologies or papers is needed by Monday 24th April 2023.  The more specific, the more useful.

The Behaviour Change Technique Ontology: Transforming the Behaviour Change Technique Taxonomy v1

Preprint available               Here

Ontology available             Here

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