Centre for Behaviour Change


Behavioural Science – a guide to getting your work, to work

14 November 2022

New guide on behavioural science for practitioners and policymakers!


Behavioural science can help you ‘get what you aim for’ more often - from your policies, services and communications. A new guide to using behavioural science is available HERE (Welsh version available HERE), and comes from a Public Health Wales and UCL Centre for Behaviour Change partnership.

Improving health and wellbeing: a guide to using behavioural science in policy and practice offers an introduction to behavioural science and a step-by-step process for developing/optimising interventions (policy, service or communications) designed to start, stop, continue or changing behaviours.

Steps for behaviour change interventions
The guide has been written with Professor Robert West, co-creator of the seminal COM-B model and behaviour change wheel (described in the guide!), who says:
I think it’s turning into the best guide on the Behaviour Change Wheel so far!