Centre for Behaviour Change


Why Behavioural Interventions Work (or Don’t Work)

30 August 2022

Key to understanding successful behaviour change are mechanisms, the processes through which change occurs. These mechanisms are understudied in behavioural science.

Virtual Interactive Seminar Series, Session 1 of 3 Why Behavioral Interventions  Work (or Don’t Work) Mechanism-Focused Behavioral Science  from Theory Selection to Study Design and Implementation

The aim of this series is to promote the use of mechanistic theory in HIV-related behaviour change research and to provide resources that can guide mechanism-focused behavioural science.

Across three sessions, participants will: (1) be introduced to a widely used approach for theory-based intervention design and conceptualization of mechanisms by the developers of the Behaviour Change Wheel; (2) learn mechanism-focused research methods, access online resources to incorporate mechanisms into their own research, and practice designing their own mechanistic research study; and (3) review and discuss examples of HIV studies that have tested mechanisms underlying behaviour change.

This first Virtual Interactive Seminar (Session 1 of 3) taking place the 13 September, 2022 at 9:30am (EST) will deepen on Why Behavioral Interventions Work (or Don’t Work),  Mechanism-Focused Behavioral Science from Theory Selection to Study Design and Implementation.

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