Centre for Behaviour Change


A practical guide to writing policy briefs

25 November 2021

The NIHR Policy Research Unit in Behavioural Science, in collaboration with UCL's CBC, have published a practical guide to writing policy briefs. The guide draws on a range of evidence sources and provides guidance for individuals working in research and policy research briefs.


Increasing the use of research evidence in policy and decision making

Higher education institutions are increasingly being asked to demonstrate the impact of the research they conduct. One important way in which research can have impact is when it is used to inform policy. Making research accessible for policy makers is a specialist skill not often developed during academic career pathways, but nevertheless is an important part of creating impact for research.

The UCL Centre for Behaviour Change and the NIHR Policy Research Unit in Behavioural Science have co-produced a guide to writing impactful policy research briefs. Written in consultation with policy experts and advisors, including the UCL Centre for Policy Impact, the guide takes researchers through a step-by-step process to conceptualising, writing, disseminating and evaluating the impact of research briefs for policy makers.

We are planning a series of workshops based on the content of this guide.

You may download the presentation from the policy briefs guide launch event with audio below.