Centre for Behaviour Change


Health Education England: public health workforce training

17 May 2021


Since the pandemic, we have seen an exponential growth in the awareness and interest in behavioural science across all industries and sectors including public health. The need to equip the public health workforce with skills in behavioural science is now more urgent than ever. One strategy is through behavioural science training and capacity building.

We are excited that Health Education England (HEE) have partnered with CBC to provide a pioneering interactive digital programme to develop the South East region’s public health workforce capacity for applying behavioural science.

Along with developing behaviour change leads, the programme aims to increase the awareness, values and benefits of behavioural science through the showcasing of local case studies. We hope this will pave the way for other regions and help to firmly embed behavioural science into the public health culture and working practices.

For more information about the programme please contact CBC Lecturer Teaching (Bespoke Training) Dr Kristina Curtis.