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CBC Online Conference

16 September 2020–18 September 2020, 12:00 pm–5:00 pm

CBC Online Conference

This year CBC 2020 will run entirely on the Whova virtual conference platform, delivering a unique and fully interactive virtual conference experience.

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UCL Centre for Behaviour Change

#cbconf2020 promises to be an exciting and engaging event, combining the all the features that make our in-person conference the go-to event for scientists and industry professions in the digital health and behaviour change sector, along with unique features made possible by the digital platform! With three outstanding international keynote speakers, live question and answer sessions, webinars and networking opportunities, the programme will host presentations from academic researchers, practitioners, policymakers and technology developers working in the diverse field of behavioural science.

Event programme

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About the Speakers

Professor Wendy Wood

Provost Professor of Psychology and Business at University of Southern California

Why don't we stick with Behaviour Change?

People are pretty good at changing their behavior in the short term. After deciding to eat more healthfully, most of us can forgo dessert tonight. The challenge comes over time, as few of us stick with that decision. In this talk, I will argue that habits are a central reason for this failure. Although people naturally persist by forming habits, it’s not easy to understand how habits work. In fact, we may know least about the actions that we do most often. I explain the basic features of habit formation and change and then present research on how people understand their own habits.

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Dr Rachel Carey

Chief Scientist at Zinc

Startups as experiments: A behavioural science approach

New startups can provide a range of opportunities for behavioural science. This talk will explore how new ventures can adopt a more systematic approach to behavioural science, and how we can maximise their potential to improve health and advance knowledge.

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Professor Heleen Riper

Faculty of Behavioural and Movement Sciences, Section of Clinical Psychology at VU University

Talk abstract to be available soon.

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