Centre for Behaviour Change


CBC manual

In this section you will find a wealth of information relating to the strategy and operations that make the CBC work. It also includes useful contact details etc.

If you find that some information is incorrect, information is missing or you believe the manual can be improved in some way, please contact Danny Hambidge (d.hambidge@ucl.ac.uk).

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This document contains the vision and mission statement for the CBC along with how we fit in the 2034 strategy and ethical guidelines.

Staff & Responsibilities

Reporting structures, contact information and details regarding people's responsibilities.

Strategic Review

This document investigates how the CBC is performing against the plans, objectives and targets of the department. This document will be updated every 6 months.

Activities & Resources

Activities the center engages in and resources available to staff and external parties.

Procedures manual

Operational procedures to complete administrative/ personal tasks within the center.

Communications Strategy

The center's strategy for communication, both internally and with the outside world.



A glossary of terms used throughout the other documents

Original Proposal

The original proposal that was submitted for the center's creation

Planning tool - Conference

A template planning tool for organising the yearly conference

Planning tool - Summer School

A template planning tool for organising the yearly Summer Schools