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Advanced Training Programme

The Advanced Training Programme is a flexible training course will help participants develop specialist knowledge and skills in behaviour change.

                                                           Advanced Training Programme

The course consists of modules covering distinct but related subjects: changing behaviour in systems, influencing motivation, and process evaluation. Each module will be delivered on a separate date, spread out throughout the year, depending on expressions of interest. Participants can register for each module separately to build up a tailored programme of training.

Details of each module are listed below. We are only taking registrations for the Changing Behaviour in Systems module currently but we hope to open registrations for the other two modules soon. Registration is now closed for the Changing Behaviour Systems module.

Changing Behaviour in Systems

This module will run as a full day (date not yet confirmed) via the virtual learning platform UCLeXtend

This module will draw together principles of behaviour change and systems thinking to address behavioural problems within systems such as organisations and communities. Participants will be introduced to the principles of understanding behaviour in systems and how to describe and analyse this using the methodology of behavioural systems mapping. 

To register your interest in this module, please email behaviourchange@ucl.ac.uk.

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Prices and registration

Low-, middle-income countries (LMIC): University, third and public sector£242
Third sector, University staff & students, small businesses and start-ups£380
Public sector and medium businesses (50 - 249 employees)£484
Large enterprises (250+ employees)£768

Low-, middle-income countries (LMIC): to be eligible, participants must work for an organisation that has its administrative offices based in an LMIC, or be employed by an organisation and live in an LMIC. This includes university staff and students from LMIC.

Registration is currently closed.

Influencing Motivation

This module will review and analyse theories of motivation to help participants design behaviour change interventions. It will introduce the integrative PRIME Theory of Motivation and show how it can support a broadly based, systems approach to intervention design.

To register your interest in this module, please email behaviourchange@ucl.ac.uk.

Evaluating Behaviour

The process evaluation module will consist of a set of webinars. Key content will be broken down into digestible chunks with time allocated to apply learning to learners’ own interventions and gain support on how to prioritise different aspects of process evaluation based on available resources. Example content covered in webinars will include “What is Process Evaluation and how does it relate to Outcome Evaluation?”, “Implementation and Fidelity” and “Acceptability and Mechanisms of Change”.

To register your interest in this module, please email behaviourchange@ucl.ac.uk.

Course leaders

The Advanced Training Programme is led by the CBC’s Deputy Director Dr Paul Chadwick, with modules co-led by Professor Susan Michie, Professor Robert West, Dr Fabiana Lorencatto, Dr Danielle D’Lima and Dr Jo Hale.

Course dates


Changing Behaviour in Systems

Dates to be released soon

Full day: course times to follow soon

Influencing MotivationDates to be released soonInformation to be released soon
Evaluating BehaviourDates to be released soonInformation to be released soon
Cancellation Policy
  1. Delegates are entitled to a full refund providing they request a cancellation within 7 days of booking
  2. After 7 days of the booking, and up to 15 days before the event, delegates can request to cancel the booking and will be entitled to a refund of 80% of the total booking price
  3. If there are 14 days or less to the event delegates can cancel their bookings but are not entitled to a refund.
  4. Please note that delegates booking within 14 days or less of the event can still cancel, but unlike point 1 where they would be entitled to a full refund, delegates will not be entitled to a refund.

Please send any questions relating to cancellations to behaviourchange@ucl.ac.uk.


There are many examples of our Alumni putting Summer School learing into practice including private and public sector organisations revising their behaviour change strategies. Some academic publications include:

  • Applying the COM-B behaviour model and behaviour change wheel to develop an intervention to improve hearing-aid use in adult auditory rehabilitation.
  • Barriers and Recommended Interventions to Prevent Melioidosis in Northeast Thailand: a focus group study using the Behaviour Change Wheel.
  • Increasing the frequency of physical activity very brief advice for cancer patients. Development of an intervention using the Behaviour Change Wheel.

There is a LinkedIn group called UCL CBC Summer School Alumni. We would encourage all past participants of the 2018 and 2019 Summer Schools to join to keep in touch and share their learning.

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