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IIPP Governing the Green Transition(s) Discussion Series 2022-23

The UCL Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose hosts Governing the Green Transition Discussion Series aiming to unpack some of the challenges of the Green Transition(s) and to discuss it from a range of perspectives: global governance, financing, green industrial policies, innovation and structural change, as well as challenges of the Global South.


Governing the Green Transition Discussion Series builds on academic work of IIPP scholars and policy expertise of invited leading experts and practitioners. By bringing these two groups together, the Discussion Series aims at further building bridges between research and praxis and serves as additional forum to kick-start the conversation about climate policies ahead of COP27.

Governance perspective helps us navigate the complexity of the various transitions that need to happen in a just and climate-friendly manner. Economic and social structures are changing, and transitions occur at various layers – at the level of global governance and multilateral institutions, at national levels and within national and local governments, in firms and economic sectors, and within the society at large. This all has direct implications and affects various groups and regions in a different way, putting additional pressures on stakeholders and policy makers. In the countries of the Global South, challenges of the green transition(s) are amplified by dependencies on financial capital and technologies that come from the Global North. Therefore, there is no one single green transition but climate-related transition(s) are many.

The Discussion Series consists of three thematic panels taking place virtually on Zoom:

Free events, will be running online and open to public, with Q&A.


For more information about the IIPP Governing the Transition(s) Discussion Series and learn how to get involved, please contact IIPP Communications, iippcomms@ucl.ac.uk or Dr Olga Mikheeva, o.mikheeva@ucl.ac.uk.

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