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New book 'Handbook on China's Urban Environmental Governance' published

25 January 2024

BSP announces the release of the new book, 'Handbook on China's Urban Environmental Governance' edited by Prof. Fangzhu Zhang and Prof. Fulong Wu.

Handbook on China's Urban Environmental Governance

BSP's Prof. Fangzhu Zhang and Prof. Fulong Wu have published the book titled Handbook on China's Urban Environmental Governance’.

This timely and comprehensive Handbook addresses how Chinese cities govern the environmental changes generated by fast economic growth and urbanisation. Outlining the relationship between the state, market, and society, this Handbook provides a systematic understanding of urban environmental governance in China. 
Exploring the context of changing urban environmental policies in China, leading international scholars highlight the arts of governance and governmentality through experimentation and discourse. Chapters investigate the political ecologies of eco-cities and conservation, urban waste management and governance and sustainability transitions, as well as focusing on low-carbon innovations and green buildings. With a territorial perspective grounded in Chinese cities, contributors interrogate changing and complex state-market-society dynamics in urbanisation and urban environmental governance. 
With a thorough and systematic analysis of new environmental initiatives, practices, and impacts, this Handbook provides scholars, students, and policy researchers of environmental studies, politics, and East Asian studies with an exemplary selection of contemporary research on China’s urban environmental governance. 

The book is funded by the H2020 European Research Council Project ‘Rethinking China’s Model of Urban Governance’ (Advanced Grant No. 832845 - ChinaUrban). 

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