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Call for students to join The Bartlett Student Podcast – a new ChangeMakers project

16 December 2020

The Bartlett has recently received funding from UCL ChangeMakers to launch a collaborative staff-student podcast. We are seeking students to join us in the roles of co-hosts, a graphic designer, and a music producer.

Image of laptop and podcast microphone on wooden table

The Bartlett Student Podcast is a new collaborative staff-student initiative that has been funded by UCL ChangeMakers. Our podcast celebrates and speaks to the diverse voices and wealth of talent we have here at The Bartlett. Each episode will be co-hosted by current students on a topic of their choice. We will launch in early 2021 and produce a minimum of six fortnightly podcasts from February.

Our aims are to:

  • Develop a greater sense of belonging to the Bartlett for all students
  • Empower students to raise and discuss topics of their choice on a public platform
  • Diversify the voice of The Bartlett by giving a platform to students from underrepresented groups

We are looking for current Bartlett students to co-host podcast episodes, produce the graphic design and write musical soundbites.

We will recruit one graphic designer and one musical producer. These roles will receive one £100 stipend each.

In addition, we will recruit six students to co-host the podcast each week. These roles will receive one £40 stipend each.

Only current Bartlett students are eligible to apply for these roles. For more information and to apply, please fill in the relevant application form and submit it to t.mcmahon@ucl.ac.uk by 5pm Friday 8th January.

Graphic Designer application form

Music Producer application form

Student Co-host application form

Successful applicants will be invited to a roundtable meeting on Wednesday 20 January at 2-4pm to discuss topics. Please note that all meetings and recordings will take place virtually. Any questions should be directed to t.mcmahon@ucl.ac.uk.