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'Uninhabitable': A poem by Cameron Holleran

'Uninhabitable' is a poem by IGP Poet-in-Residence Cameron Holleran


24 August 2018


A poem by Cameron Holleran, IGP Poet-in-Residence


'If global greenhouse gas emissions continue at their current pace, they say, heat and humidity levels could become unbearable, especially for the poor.' (1)

An inflammation on the ceiling, insects

clinging to the sparse shade, a thin line offered

by the bulb that's hanging

in the middle of the room.


Two spiders touch, too hot to fight. 

Flies walk by, uneaten and overheating. If current trends continue,

arachnids starve - they learn to share the shade.

If not, the flies shall feed. 


(1) 'In ​​​​​India, Summer Heat May Soon Be Literally Unbearable', Somini Sengupta, 17 July 2018, nytimes.com/2018/07/17/climate/india-heat-wave-summer.html​​