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About Us

The Institute for Global Prosperity is redesigning prosperity for the 21st century

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The Institute for Global Prosperity at UCL (IGP) is redesigning prosperity for the 21st century, changing the way we conceive and run our economies, and reworking our relationship with the planet. IGP's vision is to build a prosperous, sustainable, global future, underpinned by the principles of fairness and justice, and allied to a realistic, long-term vision of humanity's place in the world.  

The IGP undertakes pioneering research that seeks to dramatically improve the quality of life for this and future generations. Its strength lies in the way it allies intellectual creativity to effective collaboration and policy development. Of particular importance to the IGP’s approach is the way in which it integrates non-academic expertise into its knowledge generation by engaging with governments, policy makers, business, civil society, the arts and local communities. 

Prosperity isn't just about improving GDP. You also need to fight inequality, promote social cohesion, safeguard the environment, and provide education, health and decent employment, giving people hope for the future.

Professor Henrietta L. Moore, Founder and Director, Institute for Global Prosperity

Our aims are:

  1. To challenge the prevailing understanding of prosperity by developing alternative models and ways of thinking;
  2. To use robust empirical evidence, innovative policies and emerging technologies to secure future prosperity;
  3. To develop broad and compelling public discussions for credible human future flourishing.

IGP values:

  • Our work is problem-focused and future-oriented;
  • We break down existing silos in academic research and build transdisciplinary teams to generate fresh and compelling insights;
  • We are committed to research and practice which is inclusive, ethical and just;
  • We value different forms of knowledge and aim to amplify diverse perspectives to challenge conventional thinking and structures of power;
  • We recognise the interdependence of the natural and human worlds and the urgent need to develop social, economic and political institutions that deliver planetary regeneration and resilience.