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The Institute for Global Prosperity is redesigning prosperity for the 21st century

The IGP has established three Prosperity Co-Labs (PROCOLs) in the UK, Lebanon and Kenya, with each one conducting several major research projects. The research that takes place in these sites provide excellent opportunities for comparative, transdisciplinary research aligned to local needs and stakeholders. We conduct pioneering theoretical, methodological and policy focussed research on the Prosperity Index and prosperity measures, welfare and Universal Basic Services, and debt and Financing Prosperity. 

The IGP's research impact work is show-cased through blogs, videos and podcasts at: seriouslydifferent.org

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Procol London


What are the pathways to shared prosperity in the UK?

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PROCOL Lebanon

Delivering inclusive and prosperous futures for communities impacted by mass displacement

Procol Kenya


Seeking to broaden the discussion of what constitutes prosperity in Africa

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The Prosperity Index

Designed to encapsulate meaningful data at a level that makes sense to communities, and which can be relayed back to government for policy-making

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Knowledge Networks

Collaborative research and outreach networks with academics and practitioners, focusing on themes related to prosperity

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Innovation Work

Explore the Rebuilding Macroeconomics, TAKHAYYUL, World Humanities Report, TRANS-MAKING and KNOW projects

citizen scientists in Lebanon

UCL Citizen Science Academy

A new initiative to deliver community-based, practice-led research training to empower communities to lead change through social action and shaping policies that impact their livelihoods
fast forward 2030 event

Fast Forward 2030

Connecting entrepreneurs taking action towards the Sustainable Development Goals. Join our growing network of ambitious business people to make a positive impact on the environment and society