UCL Institute for Global Prosperity



The Institute for Global Prosperity is redesigning prosperity for the 21st century

The mission of the IGP is to rethink what prosperity means for people around the globe. Our vision is to help build a prosperous, sustainable, global future, underpinned by the principles of fairness and justice, and allied to a realistic, long-term vision of humanity's place in the world. The IGP undertakes pioneering research that seeks to dramatically improve the quality of life for this and future generations. Its strength lies in the way it allies intellectual creativity to effective collaboration and policy development. Of particular importance to the IGP’s approach is the way in which it integrates non-academic expertise into its knowledge generation by engaging with decision-makers, business, civil society, and local communities.

The IGP has established three Prosperity Co-Labs (PROCOLs) in the UK, Lebanon and Kenya, with each one conducting several major research projects. The research that takes place in these sites provide excellent opportunities for comparative, transdisciplinary research aligned to local needs and stakeholders. We conduct pioneering theoretical, methodological and policy focussed research on the Prosperity Index and prosperity measures, welfare and Universal Basic Services, and debt and Financing Prosperity. 

Our research impact work is show-cased through blogs, videos and podcasts at: seriouslydifferent.org