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Life of PIE

Life of PIE (Prosperity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship) is an original podcast from the IGP. The series is starting a different kind of conversation with researchers, practitioners and entrepreneurs doing cutting edge work and rethinking entrepreneurship in new ways.

Hosted by Prosperity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship MSc programme lead, Dr Onya Idoko. Series produced by programme graduate, Juan Manuel Castillo. 

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To Prosperity and Beyond

An alumni-led mini-series embedded within the IGP’s Life of PIE podcast series. It focuses on the lives and experiences of professionals who are addressing the challenges to global prosperity through transformative entrepreneurship.

Each episode, co-hosts and PIE programme alumni RP and Sam delve into some of the terminologies surrounding prosperity, innovation and entrepreneurship, and shine a spotlight on the exciting work being done by leading figures in their field.

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Takhayyul Nativess and Emergent Issues

This series from the TAKHAYYUL project has emerged due to the pressing issues that have been taking place in the contexts that the team works on and cares about. The team felt an urgent need to create a platform where they can address the emergent issues as they happen, to channel their intellectual and academic expertise, and express their deep care for the events taking place.

Hosted by project lead, Dr Sertaç Sehlikoglu.

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Podcasts featuring IGP team members

Hear from Professors Henrietta Moore, Jacqueline McGlade and Robert Costanza as they feature on podcasts discussing Ecological Economics, climate change, Coronavirus and more.

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Imagining Turkey

This bi-monthly podcast series offers unfamiliar ways of looking at the political transformation Turkey has been going through at the national and international level. We will discuss with renowned scholars, artists, public intellectuals, and activists various topics at the intersections of populist, nationalist and religious movements, formations of various forms of political imaginations in, and around, and about Turkey.