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To Prosperity and Beyond podcast

A mini-series series hosted by Prosperity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship MSc alumni RP Duterte and Sam Tamayo

To Prosperity and Beyond is a mini-series embedded within the IGP’s Life of PIE podcast series. It focuses on the lives and experiences of professionals who are addressing the challenges to global prosperity through transformative entrepreneurship.

Each episode, co-hosts and PIE programme alumni RP and Sam delve into some of the terminologies surrounding prosperity, innovation and entrepreneurship, and shine a spotlight on the exciting work being done by leading figures in their field.

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Making To Prosperity and Beyond

The IGP's Prosperity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship (PIE) MSc programme prepares students to be a new generation of global leaders and entrepreneurs; understanding the concept of transformative entrepreneurship and the implementation of innovations to address wicked problems.  

MSc PIE alumni students and co-hosts RP Duterte and Sam Tamayo introduce the mini-series, and discuss why there is a need to bring out conversations about prosperity from academia and provide perspectives of practitioners in the field. 

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Navigating prosperity, with Dr Nikolay Mintchev

The IGP conducts transdisciplinary research aligned to local needs and stakeholders, and works with Citizen Scientists across the UK, Lebanon and Kenya as part of its Prosperity Co-Labs (PROCOLs). The teams address what prosperity means in a localised context, and how we can build scalable solutions that acknowledge the challenges facing different communities.  

Dr. Nikolay Mintchev, Director of Research at the IGP and core team member of PROCOL Lebanon, joins Sam and RP to discuss how the understanding of prosperity is evolving. He talks about the nuances involved when talking about prosperity, the practical steps that can be taken to achieve it, and the importance of how you relate to others. 

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Unpacking Innovation, with Peter Ptashko FRSA

Change management is a broad and complex discipline, but at its core, it is about helping organizations successfully adopt and sustain change. It necessitates a structured approach to prepare, support, and guide individuals and teams through significant shifts in their operations, processes, or culture. When applied to solving social problems and improving people’s lives, it ushers the implementation of social innovations at a localised level.  

Peter Ptashko FRSA, Founder and CEO of Cambio Consultancy, talks with RP and Sam about how social innovation works from the perspective of change management specifically in different entrepreneurial settings across the world. 

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Elevating Entrepreneurship, with Arthur Kay

Transformative entrepreneurs are leading the charge in addressing wicked problems by creating relevant and scalable solutions that are poised to make a lasting and sustainable impact. They employ similar methodologies to conventional business practices but capitalise on market failures around social issues and environmental challenges.  

Arthur Kay, a seasoned entrepreneur and Co-Chair and Co-Founder of FastForward 2030, chats with Sam and RP about his vast experience  as a CEO of several start-ups and organizations, including Skyroom and Bio-Bean,  and as an all-around creator and problem solver. 

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Concluding the journey

In the final episode of To Prosperity and Beyond, RP and Sam are joined by MSc PIE programme leads, Dr. Onya Idoko and Dr. Konrad Miciukiewicz. They discuss their research interests and professional backgrounds and give insights on how the PIE programme was built and designed to support aspiring transformative leaders from all over the world.

They discuss the necessary lens of prosperity in approaching entrepreneurship and how a diversity of voices can be the avenue for the most innovative solutions. They explain how the direction of the programme has changed over the years and provide key lessons on how to succeed in the MSc PIE programme.

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About Prosperity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the Institute for Global Prosperity

We find ourselves at a formative moment wherein growth-based financial models and increasing economic and social inequality are driving new forms of conflict, dislocation and ecological damage, challenging the veracity of our economic and political systems. These challenges necessitate a bold re-thinking of the relationship between economic activity and global prosperity.

At the core of the IGP's Prosperity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship master's programme is the concept of transformative entrepreneurship, which involves the implementation of innovations that directly address the causes and consequences of environmental degradation as well as economic and social inequality. Entrepreneurship is widely associated with the promise of technological innovation and the emergence of new markets. Concepts such as social, sustainable, and community enterprise explore the potential of market actors and mechanisms to advance positive social and environmental change. The notion of transformative entrepreneurship takes these a step further by examining to the potential for entrepreneurship to provoke fundamental systemic change in the service of inclusive prosperity.

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