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New citizen scientists’ research highlights barriers to prosperity in east London

17 April 2023

We’ve launched a new collection of zines produced by citizen scientists from east London.

citizen scientists in east London

The research, based on interviews with members of the local communities, points to multiple obstacles to prosperity in these parts of the capital. 

Areas like Hackney Wick, Coventry Cross and North Woolwich have gone through significant regeneration plans in recent years, bringing high-end residential estates and new commercial opportunities. However, this has further exacerbated the social inequality gap, reducing access to employment, education and affordable housing for local residents.     

The research is part of PROCOL UK’s first longitudinal study on prosperity that uses community-based knowledge to produce robust, actionable and local evidence to support policy change that can have a positive impact on communities. 

Citizen ‘social’ science is an emerging area of citizen science that involves the public in research projects focused on complex questions about human behaviour and how societies are organised, like understanding lived experiences of inequality and poverty.

At the IGP our citizen social scientists focus on understanding what prosperity means and how opportunities to prosper and live well are influenced by different factors.

In May, we're launching the UCL Citizen Science Academy to equip people with research knowledge and practical skills to get involved in social action and local decision-making, and as part of the University’s goal to build a sustainable and scalable infrastructure to support education, training, and recognition for citizen science outside higher education institutions.  

View the zines collection