UCL Institute for Global Prosperity


Soundbites and Director's Seminars: Modelling Natural Prosperity for the Future

16 December 2021

Announcing the Spring 2022 Soundbites and Director's Seminars, a series of public events hosted by the UCL Institute for Global Prosperity

Natural prosperity

The Soundbites and Director's Seminars series are public events hosted by the UCL Institute for Global Prosperity, and open to all. The theme for the Spring 2022 series is 'Modelling Natural Prosperity for the Future'. 

The complex interactions and outcomes that characterise the global climatic and ecological crises require sophisticated modelling, monitoring and measurement across different temporal, spatial and human scales, including governance and policy regimes. This series show-cases cutting edge approaches to climatic and ecological modelling from a range of interdicisplinary perspectives and leading thinkers, both academic and otherwise. The series asks how diverse approaches may be integrated and actioned to generate effective policy responses and forms of natural prosperity. 

Soundbites are a platform for professionals and entrepreneurs who are leading in their field. Speakers are innovators and inspiring actors working in new and traditional sectors, outside of academia. The Soundbite gives the audience an insight into how their organisation contributes to sustainable and inclusive prosperity.

The Director's Seminars are an opportunity for audiences to get an in-depth theoretical perspective on sustainable and inclusive prosperity. These Seminars are given by academics who are pushing for new ways of thinking and new ways of researching society's grand challenges.

We will host these events virtually on Zoom. Please sign up via Eventbrite to receive the webinar code.