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Modelling Climate Change Solutions for Natural Prosperity

27 January 2022, 1:00 pm–2:00 pm

Natural prosperity

The IGP welcomes Jamie Beck Alexander (Project Draw Down) for a Soundbite

This event is free.

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The Speaker: 

Jamie Beck Alexander is a climate activist, mom, writer, and founding director of Project Drawdown Labs, Project Drawdown’s private sector testing ground for accelerating the scaling of climate solutions quickly, safely, and equitably. Jamie joined Project Drawdown from Ceres, working with companies to set ambitious emission reduction targets and leveraging their influence in support of strong climate and clean energy policies. 

Previously, Jamie served as a civil and foreign service officer with USAID, serving in Bangladesh, India, and Tanzania. Focused on malaria, HIV/AIDS, and other infectious diseases, she led an agency-wide effort to better integrate Indigenous solutions and voices into foreign aid programming and decision making. She has worked in support of the rights and cultural revitalization of Indigenous Peoples at The Cultural Conservancy and the UN Office of the Secretary-General. 

Jamie has been a guest on popular news outlets to talk about climate solutions, including CNN International, The Weather Channel and NPR. She has also authored numerous articles on climate change including “Seeking your climate refuge? Consider this” for CNN and  “We need a new definition of corporate climate leadership” and “Will corporations choose climate transformation or climate status quo” for Fast Company. Jamie lives in Duluth, Minnesota.