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IGP attends the UN Climate Change Summit 2019 to announce new climate change initiative

21 September 2019

IGP attends this year's United Nations Climate Change Summit in New York to discuss new IGP climate change initiative


Colleagues from the Institute for Global Prosperity (IGP) will attend the United Nations Climate Change Summit 2019 in New York to discuss the Transforming Tomorrow Initiative: from Climate Emergency to Prosperity. 

The impetus behind the new initiative, developed and led by the IGP, is that current responses to climate change are entirely insufficient. To secure a safe climate, it argues that we need an emergency response that leads to multi-decade transformation. While the finance and technology to enable this is already here, the Transforming Initiative will focus on the political will and cultural capacity that is needed to unlock humanity's brilliance. 

David Bent, Senior Visiting Researcher at the IGP and Executive Lead of Transforming Tomorrow, will attend a host of events over the course of the UN Climate Change summit, including the Global Partnership of Sustainable Development and Data Event, and the Foundations 20 Reception: Seizing the opportunity for a Global Deal for Nature and Climate and a Just Transition in the spirit of the SDGs. David will also be running a practicum, Human Rights and Climate Change, at New York University.

Joined by a broad and diverse collection of organisations and partners working towards climate change challenges, the summit provides an excellent opportunity to present Transforming Tomorrow to those who are already working on topics it addresses.