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IGP publishes the (Un)Urban 2017 ebook

11 August 2017

(Un)Urban: Designing for the green city ebook available for download

East London cartoon

(Un)Urban: Designing for the green city was a two week summer school run as a strand on the UCL Global Citizenship programme. Students from across UCL's undergraduate programmes - including computer scientists and historians, engineers and anthropologists - came together to work on challenges set by organisations local to East London.

In the first week of the programme, students were equipped with skills in Human-Centred Design, and prepared by lectures in inclusive and sustainable urbanism. In the second week, they worked in partnership with one another, as well as with their challenge-setters, to design solutions which tackled issues related to inclusivity, diversity, sustainable development and the protection of green space.

In collaboration with the Programme Manager at IGP, a group of students produced an ebook, which showcases the innovative and exciting ideas proposed by the students. Special thanks goes to the new IGP Young Designer-in-Residence Satia Putra.

You can read the ebook here: