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Academic staff

Our team is dedicated to challenging current paradigms of short-termism, and realising pathways towards sustainable and inclusive prosperity through collaborative, cross-disciplinary research.

Academic Staff (PhD supervisors)

Christopher Harker

Associate Professor

Deputy Director of the Institute for Global Prosperity

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Konrad Miciukiewicz

Senior Teaching Fellow

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Jacqueline McGlade

Professor of Natural Prosperity, Sustainable Development and Knowledge Systems

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Sertaç Sehlikoglu

Principal Research Fellow

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Onya Idoko

Co-Programme Lead for MSc Prosperity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

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Robert Costanza

Professor of Ecological Economics

IGP's Research Director

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Ida Kubiszewski

Associate Professor in Global Prosperity

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Kate Maclean

Associate Professor & Director of Education

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Maurizio Marinelli

Honorary Professor 

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Teaching Staff

Mara Torres Pinedo


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Yuan He


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Research Staff

Nikolay Mintchev

Principal Research Fellow

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Saffron Woodcraft

Executive Lead, Prosperity Co-Lab UK (PROCOL UK) and Principal Research Fellow

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Hanna Baumann

Leverhulme Early Career Fellow

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Hannah Sender

Research Fellow

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Simon Nyokabi

Research Fellow (Ethicobots)

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Angus Armstrong

Professorial Research Fellow

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Fatemeh Sadeghi

Senior Research Associate (TAKHAYYUL)

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Sumrin Kalia

Research Associate (TAKHAYYUL)

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Mezna Qato

Research Associate (TAKHAYYUL)

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Layli Uddin

Research Associate (TAKHAYYUL)

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Honorary Staff 

Noreena Hertz 

Noreena Hertz is a renowned thought leader with an impressive track record in predicting global trends. Her best-selling books, The Silent Takeover, IOU: The Debt Threat and Eyes Wide Open, are published in 23 countries. She advises a select group of the world's leading business and political figures on strategy, economic and geo-political risk, artificial intelligence, digital transformation, millennials and post-millennials, and sits on the board of Warner Music Group. Previously, Noreena served on Citigroup's Politics and Economics Global Advisory Board and RWE's Digital Transformation Board. 

Solveiga Pakštaitė

Honorary Lecturer

Solveiga is an inventor and entrepreneur with an industrial design background. She invented Mimica Touch, a patented temperature sensitive accurate food freshness indicator that reduces food waste and improves food safety. Solveiga is the Founder & Director of Mimica and was named MIT Technology Review's Inventor of the Year. She also is a founding board member of Fast Forward 2030 and consults on innovation projects for leading consumer and technology companies.

Matthew Davies

Honorary Associate Professor

Dr Davies' research explores issues around prosperity, society and the environment. He is especially interested in the management of landscapes, ecological diversity, climate, and questions of sustainability, resilience and regeneration. Most of his work has focussed on agricultural systems in Eastern Africa and has examined community practice and knowledge both historically and anthropologically, often employing a perspective known as historical ecology. This has involved analyses of the spatial, material and temporal dynamics of farming systems, including understandings of soils, crops, irrigation, exchange networks and forests/vegetation. Dr Davies has also explored histories of failed external 'development' and his work is increasingly drawn towards wider analyses of food systems, agro-ecology, food sovereignity, farmer innovation and intersections with nutrition and health. His work often employs practices of physically mapping the landscape and he works closely with local Citizen Scientists within a trans-disciplinary framework. Much of this work aims to facilitate processes of co-design to reshape practice and policy.

George Melios

Honorary Senior Research Fellow

George has completed a PhD in Economics and his research focuses on topics of applied political economy, institutions and development. He studies trust, corruption, legacies of violence and migration. 

Penny Bernstock

Honorary Research Fellow

Dr Penny Bernstock was previously Professor of Urban and Community Studies and Head of Urban and Community Studies at the University of West London and prior to this Head of Sociology and Social Policy at the University of East London and Reader in Urban Regeneration, where she led the Centre for East London Studies. She has substantial experience in the design and leadership of innovative social science informed undergraduate and post graduate programmes that are practitioner focussed and underpinned by an inclusive curriculum. She has published extensively on a range of social policy issues. She is an expert on the impact of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Project. Her current research focus is on housing and employment on the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, where she is exploring ways to promote good growth/inclusive regeneration that provides sustainable livelihoods for existing low-income communities in the legacy boroughs. She is currently Co-Chair of TELCO’s (founding chapter of Citizens UK) Olympic Strategy group where they are campaigning to ensure that key legacy commitments around jobs and housing are met. Her research with TELCO was utilised as an impact case study for REF 2020.

With the current focus on levelling up she argues that policy makers have much to learn from the regeneration of East London. The area has benefitted from unparalleled investment and the main beneficiaries have been professional groups. If we are to deliver regeneration that results in improved living standards, then new approaches are required such as community led and community land trust housing that is genuinely affordable and remains affordable in perpetuity.

Dr Penny Bernstock is currently working on a conference about Olympic legacies alongside ProCol UK lead Dr Saffron Woodcraft and with Urban Lab and is working with TELCO on an action Research project exploring the impact of inadequate housing on Educational Experience.

William Hynes

Honorary Professor of Practice

William Hynes is Co-ordinator of New Approaches to Economic Challenges (NAEC) in the Office of the Chief Economist at OECD which provides a space to question traditional economic ideas and offer new economic narratives, new tools, methods and policy approaches. He has led the NAEC work since 2016.

He previously worked as a Senior Advisor to the Secretary General, Advisor in the Sherpa and Global Governance Unit, Senior Economist in the Office of the Secretary General, Economist in the Development Co-operation Directorate and an Economic Affairs Officer in the Office of the Deputy Director General at the World Trade Organisation.

William is an Associate Fellow at Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies and an Applied Complexity Fellow at the Santa Fe Institute. He has a doctorate from Oxford University and was a Marie Curie Fellow at the London School of Economics.

Dennis Snower

Visiting Professor

Debananda Misra

Honorary Associate Professor

Debananda (Deb) is interested in questions related to the organisation, management and governance of universities and the role of higher education in generating public outcomes. More broadly, he examines how knowledge productiondissemination and flows, as carried out by universities, startups, and organizational innovation unitscan tackle public challenges and generate public value. He examines policies, systems, organizations, and structures related to knowledge and their effects on innovation and entrepreneurship, and professional work. 

Deb is a full-time faculty member at the School of Public PolicyIndian Institute of Technology Delhi. He is an affiliate member of the Centre for Innovation Research (CIRCLE) at Lund University, Sweden, and is the Associate Editor of the Higher Education Quarterly journal. More about him at https://sites.google.com/berkeley.edu/deb/

Nikolaos Tzivanakis

Honorary Senior Research Fellow

Dr Nikolaos Tzivanakis completed his doctoral studies in Economics (2018). As an economist, his research interests encompass a range of areas including economic growth and development, political economy, institutional and regional economics.