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Sustainability & Higher Education Initiative

The Sustainability & Higher Education Initiative (SHEI) is based at The Bartlett School of Environment, Energy and Resources (BSEER)

What is the Sustainability and High Education Initiative (SHEI)?

Our vision is to drive forward sustainability higher education, at national and international levels. We are focusing on how we implement, evaluate, and research teaching and learning in sustainability. The initiative will link our network of academics, alumni and students with the rest of Higher Education and general public interested in sustainability. 

We plan to...

Whilst our School has a 50+ year track record of sustainability education at UCL, our initiative is just beginning.

Over the next year we plan to:

  • Participate in conferences on Education and Sustainability both within and outside UCL
  • Run training courses for our current international partners 
  • Host a webinar showcasing the best of our student’s dissertations
  • Host webinars and events on Sustainability and Higher Education which are open to the public

Longer term, we plan to:

  • Set up conferences and events for educators, nationally and internationally
  • Host public seminars on Sustainability Teaching and Learning, drawing together expertise from key global educators
  • Develop executive trainings for companies and organisations
  • Establish a large network including key Higher Education stakeholders, alongside out extensive alumni network and students

Recent activities

Photo o a person holding a grass covered earth in cupped hands

Student Research for a Sustainable Future – dissertation showcase event event

Four of the top Master’s dissertations from The Bartlett School of Environment, Energy and Resources were showcased at an event connecting academics, alumni and students with the rest of the Higher Education sector and general public interested in sustainability.

Image from SHEI Perlego ceremony 2023

UCL researchers and Perlego run national schools project on sustainability

UCL's Sustainability and Higher Education Initiative has collaborated with Perlego to organise a national project for high-school students on sustainability

Want to find out more?

Email Us! You can contact our team as follows:

Contirbutors to the initiative include:

  • Francesco Aletta
  • Andrew Mitchell
  • Paul Ekins 
  • Parama Chaudhury
  • Lory Barile
  • Rodrigo Martinez Perez
  • Varsha Kakuturu
  • Beatrice Yuen 
  • Janina Fuchs
  • Maija Powell
  • Cian O'Neill