Bartlett School of Environment, Energy and Resources



We bring together researchers from a range of academic backgrounds to address the complex global challenges of sustainability transition.

Whilst our research specialisms in the domains of Energy, Environmental Design and Engineering, Resources and Heritage reside in their named institutes we also foster collaboration, encouraging knowledge and resource sharing to address issues of sustainability across and create a truly interdisciplinary research contribution.

Green wall installation on the side of a building

Environmental Design and Engineering

Our research at UCL's Institute for Environmental Design and Engineering aims to deliver interdisciplinary built environment research to improve health, wellbeing and sustainability. Their specialist expertise in temperature, moisture and air quality, light and lighting, and acoustics and soundscapes is underpinned by systems thinking to understand how different elements interact to create buildings and spaces where people can live healthy, fulfilling lives.

Our major research themes are:

An electricity pylon on the backdrop of a blue sky


Most energy problems are multidisciplinary in nature, spanning science, engineering and the social sciences. Different approaches are therefore needed to understand and tackle these issues. The UCL Energy Institute's research works to develop a range of tools, models and methods to address the energy challenges facing the world over the next two decades.

Our major research themes are:

An oil pump in the middle of a field


UCL Institute for Sustainable Resources holds multidisciplinary teams, providing critical mass and capacity for large projects on topics of resource efficiency, circular economy, eco-innovation, and low carbon societies.

Our major research themes are:

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Our researchers at UCL Institute for Sustainable Heritage deliver sustainable solutions to real-world cultural heritage problems through ground-breaking, cross-disciplinary research. We have four major heritage research themes, covering the multidisciplinary research interests and projects of the institute.

Our major research themes are: