The Bartlett School of Sustainable Construction


Wu Yanga

Bridging the energy performance gap: A process study of routine intersections at project handover stage

School Research Theme: Project Management; Enterprise Management; Sustainability in the built environment
Research supervisors: Prof Hedley Smyth; Dr Stefano Miraglia 
Start date:15 August 2016

The inefficient information transfer from project front-end to back-end in construction industry is one of the main reason that causing the huge energy performance gap between design and operation. My research uses the process lens of organizational routine theory to study the information transfer within the project lifecycle, particularly the project handover stage, to gain a deeper understanding of the impact that routine dynamic has on buildings’ energy performance gap. By exploring individuals’ action in project handover stage, where different routines intersect, we can have a deeper understanding of how individuals work within routines, and how they interact with artifacts. The research try to tackle the problems like whether the different understandings in ostensive aspects of routine is the main reason for the mismatch between design and operation; How different routines that are dispersed in time and space interact and interconnected; and how do discrepancies emerging at routine intersection reverberate further on in the routine network at organizational level. We’re also trying to find out whether various behaviour and assumptions of individuals’ can create considerable barriers for using artifacts like BIM and propose better use of artifacts and give managers some implementation on how behaviour can be better managed to bridge buildings’ energy performance gap.

Publications and other work