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Bartlett Pop Up Workshop in Hongzhou

'(re)negotiating the rural – drawing (hi)stories' is a pop-up workshop run by The Bartlett in Hangzhou, China from 15 October to 23 October 2018.

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(re)negotiating the rural – drawing (hi)stories 

Developed and taught by Edward Denison, Patrick Weber and Matt Lucraft 

Since 1980, 450 million Chinese people have been lifted out of poverty and 600 million have moved into cities (OECD). This has had profound and often deeply destabilising consequences for the countryside. 

Following previous Bartlett workshops at the China Academy of Art in 2016 (‘Fragmented City’) and in 2017 (‘Negotiating Heritage’), this year’s workshop turns from the city to the countryside to critique the enduring and mutually-dependent relationship between the urban and the rural.

The workshop will use drawing as a medium for provoking and inspiring innovative design ideas and methodologies by revisiting past narratives, retelling present realities and renegotiating future histories.