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Bartlett Graduate Work Celebrated at the 2019 RIBA President’s Medals

4 December 2019

Four Bartlett graduates have won medals and been commended by the Royal Institute of British Architects.

‘Wetland Frontier’ by Annabelle Tan Kai Lin

2019 Architecture MArch graduates Finbar Charleson and Naomi Rubbra and Architecture BSc graduates Annabelle Tan Kai Lin and Imogen Dhesi have all been recognised at this year’s RIBA President’s Medals ceremony, which took place on Tuesday 03 December. 

‘Wetland Frontier’ by Annabelle Tan Kai Lin
Annabelle Tan Kai Lin Awarded Bronze Medal

Annabelle Tan Kai Lin was awarded the RIBA Bronze Medal for the best design project produced during RIBA Part 1. Annabelle’s proposal ‘Wetland Frontier’ facilitates the regeneration of the Lower Ninth Ward community and the adjacent wetlands – both currently ghosts of their former selves after prolonged neglect. Urban ecosystems, disaster-proof housing and sediment satellites make up the multi-scalar scheme, which speculates a new approach to nature in New Orleans.

While it is always comforting to be acknowledged for hard work, I accept this prize more as a call to continue to do better. This recognition and moment of joy should be shared with my lovely tutors, peers and family.

– Annabelle Tan Kai Lin, Architecture BSc graduate 2019, Design Unit UG12. 

‘Wetland Frontier’ also received the RIBA SOM Foundation Fellowship and the inaugural award for Sustainable Design. Annabelle was highly praised in the 2019 Bartlett Summer Show, receiving five separate awards and a Distinction in her degree. 

London Euston by Finbar Charleson
Silver and Bronze Medal Commendations for Finbar Charleson and Imogen Dhesi

Finbar Charleson was awarded a Commendation in the Silver Medal Category for his project ‘London Euston’, which uses engineered timber as a primary design driver to draw upon historical references and situate what would be the first transit terminal structure constructed from wood. Experiments in wood lamination draw from a rich history, synthesising research into material science, sculpture, furniture design, naval architecture and aviation.

The RIBA has an excellent reputation for celebrating quality architecture. In this instance I am delighted to receive the commendation for their Silver Medal. I would like to thank my design and thesis tutors for the excellent support, lessons from whom I’m sure will continue to serve me well.

– Finbar Charleson, Architecture MArch graduate 2019, Design Unit PG14. 

Finbar, who studied in Design Unit PG14 led by Jakub Klaska and Dirk Krolikowski, was previously awarded both the Sir Andrew Taylor Prize and The Bartlett School of Architecture Medal for ‘London Euston’ at the 2019 Bartlett Summer Show. 

‘Riad Al Nisa’ by Imogen Dhesi
Also awarded in the RIBA Bronze Medal category, was Imogen Dhesi from Architecture BSc who received a Commendation for her project ‘Riad Al Nisa’. 

‘Riad Al Nisa’ is a building for the women of Marrakesh who have become isolated or ostracised from their communities. Developed from the riad typology, it provides accommodation, vegetated courtyards and a new public space, which functions as a mint tea garden and enables the building’s residents to interact and foster relationships with their neighbours. It is characterised by an opulent water feature, adapted to the Marrakesh climate, that passively cools the building whilst also providing an acoustic and atmospheric experience. Imogen also received The Bartlett School of Architecture medal for ‘Riad Al Nisa’ during the 2019 Bartlett Summer Show.

I really enjoyed working on this project- It was a sensitive and challenging programme which required a lot of thought. I worked hard and I chose to explore something I was passionate about and deserves attention - having that recognised feels incredible.

– Imogen Dhesi, Architecture BSc graduate, 2019, Design Unit UG2. 

The Collective Memory Workshop

Naomi Rubbra Awarded Part 2 Dissertation Medal 

Naomi Rubbra received the Part 2 Dissertation Medal for her Thesis 'Towards Effective Architectural Practice: Lessons from the Elthorne Housing Estate'.

The thesis critically reflects on what people need to live a good quality of life and argues that, by better understanding these needs, we might achieve an effective architectural practice, that offers lasting benefits for health, wealth, community and society. At the heart of the enquiry is the question of how the architect's 'image' of current or future users informs their practice and to what extent the formation of this image relies on assumed 'conjectures' or situated engagement. 

Naomi was in Design Unit PG11 and her Thesis Tutors were Dr Edward Denison and Dr David Roberts.

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RIBA President’s Medals

In 2019, the RIBA invited 408 schools of architecture located in 80 countries around the world to nominate up to two entries for the Bronze Medal, two entries for the Silver Medal and one entry for the Dissertation Medal. 

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