Arts Sciences


About the BASc

The BASc programme allows you to study a range of arts and science subjects from leading departments across UCL. You will have access to the same array of UCL courses as the degree seeking BASc students who combine arts and science subjects through different pathways; Cultures, Societies, Health and Environment and Sciences and Engineering.

In addition, you will also be expected to take a number of Core courses focusing on interdisciplinarity which have been specifically written for the programme and allow students to connect the arts and sciences in new ways. Being able to think across the disciplines is of vital importance in the interconnected world we live and enables you respond to real world issues. Increasingly, employers are looking for graduates with such skills.

In addition to this, you will be based in the heart of London with an exciting array of cultural and social activities at your fingertips.

More information regarding Arts and Sciences for affiliates can be found in the UCL Study Abroad Guide.

Further details of the BASc degree can be found in the online webpages for prospective students.