Arts Sciences


Degree Core

Modules in the Arts and Sciences Core are specially designed to make links between different subject areas and to provide students with the tools necessary for interdisciplinary study between arts and science subjects. These modules will give your study breadth but also allow you to build your own interdisciplinary depth.

Many of your Core modules are specially designed and written to have impact and relevance to the subject specialisms you study on the pathways. For example, Quantitative Methods and Mathematical Thinking will support you in many modules on the Societies, Health and Environment and Sciences and Engineering Pathways.

Core modules fall broadly into two groups:

  1. Those delivering specific techniques that can be used across all areas of your study to make interdisciplinary links - examples of this type of module are Quantitative Methods and Language;
  2. Those modules which approach areas of thought and study in an interdisciplinary/multidisciplinary way and so cross usual university subject boundaries - examples of this type of module include Approaches to Knowledge, Qualitative Thinking and Object-based learning. See the FAQ for further information.

Core Modules

Year of StudyCore Modules
Year One
Year Two
Summer at the end of Year Two
Year Three (Y001 only)
Final Year