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The Arts and Sciences (BASc) degrees launched in 2012 and are at the forefront of the new wave of liberal arts and sciences degrees in the UK. The degree gives you the opportunity to create your own bespoke programme incorporating both arts and sciences subjects and study innovative Core modules to enhance the link between disciplines. You will study modules across the breadth of UCL's world class expertise and achieve a depth of knowledge needed to thrive in our global society.

Our first cohort graduated in 2015 and have moved into a wide range of interesting and exciting postgraduate study and graduate employment opportunities.

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What can I study?

The Arts and Sciences BASc allows you to create a bespoke programme of arts and science specialisms that reflect your academic interests. You will choose a major and minor pathway and focus on the subjects that interest you most. You will also take Core courses which encourage interdisciplinary thinking and equip you with a range of qualititative and quantitative skills that can be applied to your disciplinary interests and future career.

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Where will this degree take me?

Choose the subjects that you want to study to build your own areas of expertise. Study abroad and take an internship as part of the BASc to expand your horizons and obtain valuable work place experience. Take your future in the direction that you want to go in!

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10 Reasons to choose the BASc

There are countless reasons why you might like to study the BASc; to study across the disciplines, learn a new language or give yourself a step up on the competitive graduate job market. These are just a few - read on for more. 

Watch some of our current and former BAScers talk about their experience of the BASc degree 

Virgina Alonso Navarro

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Listen to Virgina talk about what brought her to the BASc degree, why she chose to major in Sciences and Engineering and what she likes about the BASc degree. 

Rico Hodges-Smikle

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Find out why Rico chose the BASc course, why he chose to major in Health and Environment and what it's like studying a degree where everybody is taking different subjects. 

Amy Kirk-Smith

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Prof Vin Walsh has a more in-depth chat with Amy about her time on the BASc degree and why she chose the course.


"The skills and knowledge I have developed gave me the confidence, as well as the opportunity, to undertake an fast-paced internship in the centre of London with real responsibility. Outside an educational context you realise the invaluable skills that Arts and Sciences teaches you: proactivity, teamwork, determination, leadership, preservation, motivation, confidence. The internship helps to strengthen these skills and puts you in a position to leave UCL and enter the job market with confidence, an enviable position to be in." Alex, Cultures major and 2015 graduate.

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