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Interdisciplinary Societies, Arts and Sciences PhD

The future of research and new careers will require strong forms of interdisciplinarity which intersect ideas from the sciences, social sciences and arts and humanities. Our exciting new PhD programme is a critical part of this vision providing doctoral training to create a new generation of interdisciplinary researchers, thinkers, and innovators.

Who's it for?

Our interdisciplinary research environment will enable you to develop research that is cogent, innovative, and which integrate combinations of sciences, arts, and societies. You will be supported by our diverse academic team and where necessary we will seek out specialist supervisors from across UCL, to acquire training, skills, and knowledge to become an independent researcher. 

Examples of projects that join societies, arts and sciences include research into health, data science and philosophical ethics in understanding social justice, climate change science and media analysis and any other combination of disciplines that is needed for your interdisciplinary project. Join us to become part of our new and exciting postgraduate community. To see areas that we are able to supervise in please look at the research profile of our staff.

Benefits of an interdisciplinary PhD

This interdisciplinary research will provide you with opportunities for collaborative working within UASc, Departments across UCL and externally. We will encourage students to apply a range of qualitative, quantitative, mixed-methods and creative approaches to their interdisciplinary research. 

This will facilitate interactions between established and emerging researchers, and offer interdisciplinary research training, research communication and career development opportunities for early stage researchers and research students.

Stimulating research environment 

PGR students will be provided through the Arts and Sciences Department which is split-site being located at our new UCL East campus on Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and at the UCL Bloomsbury campus. You’ll also become part of UCL’s wider postgraduate community of more than 20,000 students, Living in London.

Funding your studies

UCL has a range of scholarships and funding options available for postgraduate research students to apply for every year. Find out about the options, including funding for humanities, sciences and social science related scholarships UCL scholarship finder.