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BA Creative Arts and Humanities

UCL’s BA Creative Arts and Humanities is a bold and exciting undergraduate degree, uniquely bringing together creative writing, moving image and performance and is the first of its kind in the UK. It is based in the Department of Arts and Sciences, the home of new wave liberal arts and sciences degrees. Arts and Sciences programmes combine arts and humanities, including arts practice, with social sciences and the sciences, providing a truly interdisciplinary education.

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Who's it for?

The BA in Creative Arts and Humanities is the ideal degree for students who are looking to develop both their creative skills and their critical and analytical abilities to an advanced level, and who have a deep fascination with the role of narrative throughout human history to reflect, shape and change our lived experiences.

The degree will provide a supportive and stretching environment for those who are looking to develop their critical thinking and making skills, and who are interested in exploring the power of creativity and storytelling to understand and change perceptions, and ultimately our world. 


Key information

Start date: September each year
Duration: 3 years
Location: UCL East, London
Apply: Via UCAS


What do our students think about studying this programme? Find out by watching the videos below.

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