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All Arts and Sciences (BASc) students study a foreign language in the Core of their degree, from year 1 to their final year. The language options currently available are as follows:


* (Russian and other East European languages taught by the School of Slavonic and East European Studies (SSEES) can only be started at beginner's level. Please see the link provided above for available languages.)

Students of all levels are welcome on this language option and you will not be penalised in your marks by starting from a lower level.

The main language options are shown on the Centre for Languages and International Education. Courses begin from complete beginners 'ab initio' and progress up to an Advanced level 7 – see the Language Centre pages for more details.

As well as studying one language in the Core of the Arts and Sciences degree, students with A Levels in a foreign language and who want to major in Cultures may be eligible to study a second language and associated literature/cultural options in a UCL language department. Please check with us for further details.

Arts and Sciences regards achievement in a foreign language as central to the future generation of careers. Whether it is working with the growing economies of China, India, the Middle East or South America, working in Europe or interrelating to British nationals in an increasingly diverse society, skill in a foreign language is a key part of a university degree.

The four-year Arts and Sciences programme with Study Abroad (Y001) also offers a fantastic opportunity for further language development. Students are encouraged to spend the year at a country where their Core language is spoken, thus providing them with full language immersion and the potential for even greater improvement in language and communication. Recent studies have also demonstrated a clear correlation between language proficiency and earning potential, so language skills are increasingly important in the modern workplace. More details on this and other reasons to study abroad as part of the Arts and Sciences Programme can be found here.