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What courses can I take?

You will have access to a huge range of arts and sciences courses offered across different academic departments at UCL. Some of these will have prerequisites so you will have to bear that in mind when making your selections. You will also be expected to take a number of Arts and Sciences courses.

Do I pre-register for courses?

You will be asked to indicate your provisional module selections in advance of arrival. However, you will not be enrolled onto the courses until you have arrived and registered as a UCL affiliate student.

Can I apply as an exchange student?

Yes, we also except exchange students providing your home institution has an agreement with us.

Will I be in classes with regular UCL students?

Yes. While you are with us, you will be in classes alongside other UCL students.

How will I be assessed?

Teaching is delivered via lectures, laboratory sessions and small group seminars. Courses are assessed in a variety of methods including research papers (‘essays’), laboratory work and examinations (in May). The Core courses also utilise non-traditional assessment techniques such as assessed podcasts, blogs and group work. Students coming for the Fall Term only are examined in December. Those coming for the Full Year or Spring and Summer Terms will be examined in May.

Will I receive a transcript?

Yes, all affiliates will receive a transcript upon completion of their studies at UCL.

Can I apply for UCL Accommodation?

Yes. UCL guarantees accommodation to all students coming for a full academic year. It also normally manages to house students coming just for one semester. Students can choose catered/self-catering; en-suite; single/shared etc. Most housing is within 10 minutes' walk of the College; some is adjacent to the campus; some is a short bus-ride away. For further details, please consult our Accommodation pages.

More frequently-asked questions can be found in the UCL Study Abroad Guide.

If you are unable to find the information on these pages or in the Study Abroad Guide, please contact Elena Mendez-Piedra Paredes, the Arts and Sciences Study Abroad Officer.