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Societies Year 2 choices

Please note the selection below is only indicative of the choices available to you under the Societies pathway during your second year. A much wider range of modules throughout UCL is available subject to the constraints shown on the previous page.

CodeTitleCreditsPrerequisitesModule Level
ANTH0013Theoretical Perspectives in Social Anthropology and Material Culture15ANTH0001 or ANTH0003Level 5
ANTH0189Feature Writing in a multi-media world: journalistic skills for the digital age (not running in 2023/24)15 Level 6
ANTH0190Writing about International Affairs (not running in 2023/24)15 Level 6
ARCL0026Public Archaeology15 Level 5
ARCL0030Current Issues in Archaeological Theory15 Level 5
BASC0008Science meets Religion in the Global Community15 Level 5
BASC0022Interactions of Music and Science (video)15 Level 5
BASC0032Critical Race Theory (video)15 Level 5
BASC0037Rethinking Capitalism (video)15 Level 6
BASC0039Disability, Chronic Illness and Neurodivergence in Contemporary Society (video)15 Level 5
BASC0042Race, Gender and Feminism15 Level 5
BASC0045Approaches to Global Politics15 Level 5
BENG0026Tech Journalism: Analysis and Communication in Engineering and Technology15 Level 5
ECON0013Microeconomics30ECON0002, ECON0095 or 65% in SESS0007Level 5
ECON0016Macroeconomic Theory and Policy30ECON0002, ECON0095 or 65% in SESS0008Level 5
EDPS0012Educating and Organising for Social Justice15Application to the module leaderLevel 5
EDPS0235Identities: Sociological Perspectives15 Level 5
EDPS0237Urban Sociology in a Global World15 Level 5
EDPS0252Materials and Meanings of Education: International Perspectives15 Level 5
ESPS0005EU Law30 Level 5
ESPS0006EU Law A15 Level 5
ESPS0007Principles of Public International Law30 Level 5
ESPS0008Principles of Public International Law A15 Level 5
ESPS0042Healthcare Law and Ethics15 Level 5
GEOG0022Environment and Society15 Level 5
GEOG0024Development Geography15 Level 5
GEOG0025Political Geography and Geopolitics15 Level 5
GEOG0028Urban Geography15 Level 5
GEOG0029Cultural and Historical Geography15 Level 5
GERM0010Aspects of Twentieth Century German History15 Level 5
HIST****Any of the Level 5 or 6 modules available15 or 30 credits Level 5 or Level 6
HPSC****Any of the Level 5 modules available15 Level 5
LAWS****Any of the Level 4 modules available
with the proviso that a Level 6 LAWS module will be taken in the final year
3060% in BASC0057, a 2:1 average from your first year. Check this page for details.Level 4
MSIN0049Business in a Competitive Environment15 Level 5
MSIN0051Business in the Digital Age15 Level 5
MSIN0052Law for Managers15 Level 5
MSIN0059Managerial Accounting for Decision Making15 Level 5
MSIN0061Global Marketing Strategy15 Level 5
MSIN0144Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practice15 Level 6
PHIL****Any of the Level 5 modules available15 Level 5
POLS****Any of the Level 5 or Level 6 modules available15 Level 5 or Level 6
SESS0019Emerging Market Economies: Economics of Transition15ECON0002, ECON0095 or SESS0007 and SESS0008Level 5
SESS0020Topics in Microeconomics15ECON0002, ECON0095 or SESS0007Level 5
SESS0021European Macroeconomics15

ECON0002, ECON0095 or SESS0008

Level 5
SESS0023Applied Econometrics15STAT0021 or STAT0022 plus SESS0007 or SESS0008Level 5
SESS0024Economic History and Ideas30 Level 5
SOCS0032Sociology of Childhood 15 Level 5
SOCS0033Public Health in Context 15 Level 5
SOCS0100Computational Tools for Reproducible Social Science15 Level 5
SOCS0103Psychology and Economics: an interdisciplinary perspective15 Level 5
SOCS0105Economic Sociology15 Level 5
STEP****Any of the Level 6 modules available15 Level 6

Students should check the online module catalogue for assessment details and the confirmed term a module is scheduled to run.

Final Year Choices

Information on course choices for the final year can be found at the link below: