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Societies Final Year choices

Please note the selection below is only indicative of the choices available to you under the Societies pathway during your final year. A much wider range of modules throughout UCL is available subject to the constraints shown on the previous page.

CodeTitleCreditsPrerequisitesModule Level
ANTH0022The Anthropology of Social Media (not running in 2024/25)15 Level 6
ANTH0029The Anthropology of Nationalism, Ethnicity and Race15 Level 6
ANTH0049Anthropology of Capitalisms15 Level 6
ANTH0189Feature Writing in a multi-media world: journalistic skills for the digital age (not running in 2024/25)15 Level 6
ANTH0190Writing about International Affairs (not running in 2024/25)15 Level 6
ANTH0198Material Politics15 Level 6
ARCL****Any of the Level 6 modules available15 Level 6
BASC0039Disability, Chronic Illness and Neurodivergence in Contemporary Society (video)15 Level 6
BASC0046Politics of Infrastructure15 Level 6
BENG0027Advanced Tech Journalism: Advanced Analysis and Communication in Engineering and Technology15 Level 6
CEGE0025Engineering and International Development15 Level 6
CPAS0681Communicating Knowledge: Possibilities and Opportunities (not available to BASc students in 2024/25)15 Level 6
ECON0027Game Theory
(not suitable for those who've taken BASC0017)
15Strong ability in logical reasoningLevel 6
ECON0040Behavioural Economics15ECON0013 or equivalent plus BASC0017 or ECON0027Level 6
ECON0050Economics of the Public Sector15ECON0002, ECON0095 or 65% in SESS0007Level 6
ECON0051Economics of Regulation15ECON0002, ECON0095 or 65% in SESS0007Level 6
EDPS0011Social Histories of Learning and Learners15 Level 6
EDPS0021Gender, Sexuality and Feminisms in Everyday Lives 15 Level 6
EDPS0024Radical Education 15 Level 6
EDPS0026Youth Cultures and Youth Movements: Sociological and Historical Perspectives15 Level 6
EDPS0251Families and Children: Professionals and the State15 Level 6
ESPS0018Political Violence and Intrastate Conflicts15 Level 6
GEOG0053Cultural and Historical Geographies II: Gendered Geographies15GEOG0029Level 6
GEOG0055Environment and Society15GEOG0022Level 6
GEOG0056Geopolitical Events15 Level 6
GLBH0004Conflict, Humanitarianism and Health15 Level 6
GLBH0005Global Communicable and Non-Communicable Diseases15 Level 6
GLBH0007Anthropological Perspectives on Global Health15 Level 6
HIST****Any of the Level 6 modules available15 Level 6
HPSC****Any of the Level 6 modules available15 Level 6
ITAL0022Nation, Culture and Society in Italy, 1860-191415 Level 6
LAWS****Any of the Level 6 modules available30A LAWS-coded module at Level 4 or aboveLevel 6
MSIN0029Digital Conversations and Marketing15 Level 6
MSIN0049Business in a Competitive Environment15 Level 7U
MSIN0053Mastering Entrepreneurship15Cannot be taken alongside MSIN0144Level 6
MSIN0060Global Entrepreneurship15 Level 6
MSIN0144Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practice15Cannot be taken alongside MSIN0053Level 6
MSIN0147Strategic Project Management15 Level 6
PHIL****Any of the Level 6 modules available15 Level 6
POLS****Any of the Level 6 modules available15 Level 6
POLS0099Politics of Nature15 Level 6
SESS0039Topics in Financial Management I15SESS0020Level 6
SESS0040Topics in Financial Management II15SESS0039Level 6
SESS0042The Economics of the Family15SESS0007Level 6
SESS0046European Security30SESS0082 and SESS0031Level 6
SESS0068International Macroeconomics15SESS0021Level 6
SOCS0079Game Theory for Social Sciences15 Level 6
SOCS0092Thinking Through Identities 15 Level 6
STEP****Any of the Level 6 modules available15 Level 6

Students should check the online module catalogue for assessment details and the confirmed term a module is scheduled to run.