Institute of Archaeology


Citizenship and Religion in 1st Millennium BC Mediterranean: Etruria and Iberia

This project will involve a comparative analysis of Etruria and indigenous Iberia; the ultimate aim is to evaluate whether and the extent to which parallel trajectories occurred in those non-Greco-Roman Mediterranean regions, and hence uncover the diversity of solutions to socio-political cohesion in urbanism across the 1st-millennium-BC Mediterranean in order to contribute to debates to global studies on urbanism and citizenship.

Related outputs

  • Riva C. 2010. The Urbanisation of Etruria. Funerary practices and social change, 700-600 BC.Cambridge, Cambridge University Press.

  • Riva  C.  2020.The  Mediterranean  at  the  Periphery  of  Urban  Origins,  in Zamboni,   L., Fernández-Götz,   M.  and   Metzner-Nebelsick,   C.   (eds.). Crossing   the Alps. Early  Urbanism  between  Northern Italy  and Central  Europe  (900-400  BC). Leiden, Sidestone Press.


  • University of Erfurt Distinguished Fellowship Programme Max Weber Kolleg