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Amanda Ford Spora 

(Re)conceptualising authentic audience narratives of people in relationships with objects and sites of ancient Egypt and Sudan

Amanda Ford Spora

Email: amanda.fordspora.14@ucl.ac.uk 

Section: World Archaeology



There are a number of research questions related to considering (re)conceptualising authentic audience narratives in this way, the questions include:  Is it possible for audiences to conceive multiple narratives of Ancient Egypt? Can they discern and challenge superficial inauthenticity and (re)conceptualise authentic narratives? Can professionals and non-professionals take responsibility for maintaining a multiplicity of narratives of the past? Can we develop a 'real spectrum' (a concept developed in my MA thesis) that informs the authenticity of such objects? What place do digital representations have in creating these authentic narratives? What part do they play in an object's relationship network?

The PHD will undertake audience research, with young people 12-15 years of age, engaging with objects of ancient Egypt and Sudan in museum and site-related settings. This will include the use of 3D print and digital replicas. There is also a further possibility to engage with a multigenerational audience with inclusion of family/community members of the main participants. The methodologies will include interactive experiences, survey, interview and narrative engagement.

The research is underpinned by a Constructionist concept of authenticity pertaining to objects and sites of ancient Egypt and Sudan. I will employ Object Based Learning and an Object Biographical Approach as the basis of engagement with a multiplicity of narratives pertaining to objects' relationship network and with audiences. I am interested in employing decolonized narratives that are authentic, transparent and archaeologically contextual.

The data will be used to ascertain realities and possibilities of (re)contextualising narratives of ancient Egypt and will look comparatively at the narratives of ancient Sudan. 


    • Licentiate Teaching Diploma in Speech and Drama, Trinity College of London, 1994
    • BA,Theatre Studies, University of New South Wales AUSTRALIA, 1996
    • Graduate Diploma Archaeology, IoA UCL, 2016
    • MA, Archaeology of Egypt and Near East, IoA UCL 2018
    Conference papers

    Ford Spora, A 2017, 'Giving kids their voice in heritage management', paper presented to HerMa 4th Conference, Athens, 22-24 September 2017