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Dr Jose Oliver

Dr Jose Oliver

Reader in Latin American Archaeology

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Institute of Archaeology

Joined UCL
1st Sep 1994

Research summary

Recent research focuses on the ancient history (archaeology, ethnohistory) of the aborigines of the Caribbean, particularly in Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic. Recently research has focused on the archaeology of personhood and ‘archaeo-ethnicity’, through an examination of politically and religiously-charged pre-Columbian material culture and on how such materials (ranging from cemi idols, and houses to cultural landscapes such as caves, ceremonial plazas and bateyes [ball-courts]) were used to construct and negotiate identities and ‘Maussian’ webs of social, economic and political relations in a multicultural and multi-linguistic setting. Dr. Oliver directs a multi-year research, Macorix de Arriba Archaeological Project in northern Dominican Republic to further explore webs of inter-ethic groups and identities, and the ethnogenesis of the ‘Taino’ (Arawakan speakers) and ‘Macorix’ (non-Arawakan) and their eventual transformation due to European conquest.


University of Illinois at Chicago
Doctorate, Doctor of Philosophy | 1989
University of Illinois at Chicago
Other higher degree, Master of Arts | 1981
University of Miami
First Degree, Bachelor of Arts | 1977