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Sonja B. Grimm - Honorary Research Associate

Sonja Grimm
  • Honorary Research Associate
  • MA, Dr. Phil
  • Email: s.grimm@ucl.ac.uk
  • UCL Institute of Archaeology, 31-34 Gordon Square, London WC1H 0PY UK

Before joining the UCL Institute of Archaeology (IoA) in 2015-2016 as an ERC Research Associate in the UP-NORTH Project, Sonja B. Grimm had studied at the universities of Cologne (M.A.) and Mainz (Dr. phil.) with a focus on Palaeolithic Archaeology. During her studies, she was affiliated with the MONREPOS Research Centre and Museum for Human Behavioural Evolution. In her M.A. thesis she analysed the Final Palaeolithic site of Bad Breisig/Central Rhineland, Germany (supervisor: G. Bosinski). For her dissertation she reviewed several Late Upper and Final Palaeolithic sites from northern France, Belgium, and western Germany to understand the transition from the Late Magdalenian to the Federmesser-Gruppen in the context of the Weichselian Lateglacial climate and environmental changes (advisor: S. Gaudzinski-Windheuser).

In mid-2016, Sonja returned to Germany to work at the Centre for Baltic and Scandinavian Archaeology in Schleswig as a post-doc in a project about the Final Palaeolithic "Pioneers of the North" (PI: B. V. Eriksen) that is part of a larger collaborative research centre (SFB 1266) at the Christian Albrecht University of Kiel.

Research Interests

Current project:

At the IoA, Sonja joined the team of Rhiannon Stevens' ERC-funded UP-NORTH Project as a Post-Doc for Archaeology and Radiocarbon Dating besides Hazel Reade and Sophy Charlton. During this time she had also joined the IoA's "the Archaeology of Human Evolution Network" (coordinator: Matt Pope). Although she is working on another research project now, she remains a close collaborator of the UP-NORTH project as consultant about archaeology-related research questions.


Selected recent publications

  • S. B. Grimm, Resilience and Re-organisation of Social Systems during the Weichselian Lateglacial in Northwest-Europe. An evaluation of the archaeological, climatic, and environmental records. Monographien des Römisch-Germanischen Zentralmuseums 128 (Mainz, in press). (probably: 2018)
  • M. Bradtmöller, S. Grimm, J. Riel-Salvatore, Resilience theory in archaeological practice - An annotated review. Quaternary International 446, 2017, 3-16.
  • M.-J. Weber, S. B. Grimm, M. Baales, Between warm and cold - Impact of Dryas III on human behavior in Central Europe. Quaternary International 242, 2011, 277-301.
  • S. B. Grimm, M.-J. Weber, The chronological framework of the Hamburgian in the light of old and new 14C dates. Quartär 55, 2008, 17-40.
  • M. Baales, S. Grimm, O. Jöris, Hunters of the "Golden Mile". The late Allerød Federmessergruppen Site at Bad Breisig, Central Rhineland, Germany. Notae Praehistoricae 21, 2001, 67-72.