Institute of Archaeology


Richard Glassborow - Honorary Lecturer


Name: Richard Glassborow

Honorary Title: Honorary Lecturer

Email: r.glassborow@ucl.ac.uk

IoA staff nominator's name and email address:

Theano Moussouri t.moussouri@ucl.ac.uk


IoA involvement:

Richard presents case studies of interpretive exhibitions to demonstrate how theory, evaluation and analysis can inform the creative and practical processes of interpretive exhibition design. These examples also show some of the benefits this kind of interpretation can bring to museum audiences.

Students then apply this design approach in workshops supporting their course exhibition projects. The overall methodology simultaneously combines content selection and development, audience-centered innate and cultural interest and behavior, and multi-disciplined creative thinking and problem solving.


Selected recent publications

  • Exhibition design and professional theories: the development of an astronomy exhibition. Dirk vom Lehn, Kate Sang, Richard Glassborow and Louise King
  • The Routledge International Handbook of New Digital Practices in Galleries, Libraries, Archives, Museums and Heritage Sites Edited by Hannah Lew, Wally Smith, Dirk vom Lehn, Steven Cooke Routledge 2020