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Isobel Thompson - Honorary Lecturer

Isobel Thompson

Name: Dr Isobel Thompson

Honorary Title: Honorary Lecturer

Email: isobel.thompson@ucl.ac.uk

IoA staff nominator’s name and email address:

 Kris Lockyear kris.lockyear@ucl.ac.uk



Having completed her PhD at the Institute years ago, Isobel now works on how local ceramics can shed light on the late Iron Age to Roman transition in parts of southern Britain. This is alongside work by others, including Kris Lockyear, on relevant sites especially the major central places of late Iron Age Hertfordshire. She is also assisting with Bill Sillar’s ARCL0100 Interpreting Pottery module.


Selected recent publications

  • 2016: Late Iron Age pottery – an overview, IN Christopher Evans et al, Lives in land. Mucking excavations by Margaret & Tom Jones, 1965-1978: prehistoric, context and summary (p393-400). Cambridge Archaeological Unit Landscape Archives series, Historiography and Fieldwork (no.2/Mucking 6). Oxbow
  • 2015: When was the Roman conquest in Hertfordshire? Archaeology in Hertfordshire: recent research. A Festschrift for Tony Rook (ed Kris Lockyear), 117-34. University of Hertfordshire Press
  • 2010: John Catt, Brian Perry, Isobel Thompson & Stewart Bryant, Prehistoric archaeology and human occupation of Hertfordshire. Hertfordshire geology & landscape (ed John Catt), 226-55. Hertfordshire Natural History Society
  • 2005: Rosalind Niblett & Isobel Thompson, Alban's buried towns. An assessment of St Albans archaeology up to AD 1600  (Oxbow Books for English Heritage). pp413.
  • 1982: Grog-tempered `Belgic' pottery of South-eastern England, BAR British Series 108 (Monograph in three parts, 976pp).