Institute of Archaeology


Isobel Thompson - Honorary Lecturer

Isobel Thompson
  • Honorary Lecturer
  • MA, PhD, CifA, FSA
  • UCL Institute of Archaeology, 31-34 Gordon Square, London WC1H 0PY UK

Edinburgh University MA; UCL Institute of Archaeology PhD on late Iron Age grog-tempered pottery, while working as an assistant in the Institute Library. Freelance pottery specialist; compiled the St Albans Urban Archaeological Database 1995-98, and then went to Hertfordshire County Council Historic Environment team to undertake project work; was Historic Environment Record Officer 2008-18.

Research Interests

  • Iron Age and early Roman ceramics in south-eastern Britain
  • The transition from late Iron Age to Roman, as reflected in the ceramics
  • Integration of developer-funded archaeology into research, particularly using ceramics
  • Promotion of best practice in recording and reporting the above
  • Use of Historic Environment records & GIS data in research
  • Hon editor of Hertfordshire Archaeology & History

Worked as Library Assistant long ago, while doing my PhD part-time. Now collaborating with Kris Lockyear on Verulamium and 1st century Hertfordshire.


Selected recent publications

  • Late Iron Age pottery - an overview, IN Christopher Evans et al (2016), Lives in land. Mucking excavations by Margaret & Tom Jones, 1965-1978: prehistory, context and summary (p393-400). Cambridge Archaeological Unit Landscape Archives series, Historiography and Fieldwork (no.2/Mucking 6). Oxbow
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  • Late Iron Age pottery, IN Paul Bennett, Keith Parfitt & Jon Rady (2014), Prehistoric and Anglo-Saxon discoveries on the east Kent chalklands: investigations along the Whitfield-Eastry by-pass 1991-1996 (p145-56). Canterbury Archaeological Trust Occasional Paper 9
  • Section 18, Roman roads; section 71, Abandoned settlements; & 72, Markets & fairs [and the GIS maps throughout] IN An historical atlas of Hertfordshire (ed David Short) (2011). University of Hertfordshire Press
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