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Helen R. Haines - Honorary Senior Research Associate

Helen Haines
  • Honorary Senior Research Associate
  • PhD
  • Email: h.haines@ucl.ac.uk
  • UCL Institute of Archaeology, 31-34 Gordon Square, London WC1H 0PY UK

Helen Haines is a Senior Lecturer in anthropology at Trent University, Canada, and has conducted archaeological research in Belize, Mexico, Bolivia, China, and Canada. She has worked in Belize since 1990, most recently as the founder and director of the Ka'kabish Archaeological Research Project (www.kakabish.org). She is also the co-director of the Henry House Archaeological Project in Oshawa, Ontario.

Research Interests

Her research interests focus on the rise of social complexity and the dynamic nature of inter-polity interaction as it relates to the resiliency of some site and how they endure for millennium, often surviving repeated crises.

  • Obsidian analysis
  • Mesoamerican cultures
  • Ancient economies
  • Cultural heritage and illicit antiquity trade
  • Underwater archaeology

Elizabeth Graham conducts research at the ancient Maya city adjacent to my research area in Belize. As such we regularly share information and collaborate on papers dealing with the political activities of this part of the ancient Maya world. As part of this sharing research agenda several graduate students from the UCL Institute of Archaeology have field research under my supervision.


Selected recent publications

  • 2017 Haines, H.R., K.L. Sagebiel, and C. Belanger. Is and Isn't produce each other: An Unusual Architectural Amalgamation at Ka'kabish. Research Reports in Belizean Archaeology, vol. 14: 123-134.
  • 2016 Haines, H.R., and C.G. Helmke. Painted Hieroglyphs from Tomb FA-6/1 at Ka'Kabish, Belize. Mexicon XXXVIII (5): 120-126.
  • 2016 Haines, H.R., E. Graham, K.L. Sagebiel, and L.Howie. "There is no death! What seems so is transition": Difficulties in identifying political boundaries between Lamanai and Ka'kabish. Research Reports in Belizean Archaeology, vol. 13: 169-180.
  • 2015 Sagebiel, K.L., and H.R. Haines. Never Ending, Still Beginning: A New Examination of the Ceramics of Ka'Kabish, Belize. Research Reports in Belizean Archaeology, vol. 12: 359-366.
  • 2012 Haines, H.R., and M.D. Glascock. Intra-Site Obsidian Distribution and Consumption Patterns in North-Western Belize and the North-Eastern Petén. British Archaeological Reports (BAR) International Series BAR S2326.
  • 2011 Haines, H.R., D.G. Smith, D. Galbraith, and T.Thysmeyer. The Point of Popularity: A Summary of Human Activity at the Princess Point Promontory, Cootes Paradise, Hamilton. Canadian Journal of Archaeology 35:232-257.
  • 2011 Haines, H.R. How the Other-Half Lived: Continuing Discussions of the Enigma that is Ka'Kabish, Belize. Research Reports in Belizean Archaeology vol. 8.
  • 2011 Haines, H.R. The Bedrock Vase: Iconography of a Classic Period Maya Vase from Northern Belize. Mexicon, vol. XXXIII (1): 11-15.
  • 2010 Haines, H.R., and C. Sammells. Adventures in Eating: Anthropological Experiences in Dining. University of Colorado Press, Boulder, CO.
  • 2008 Haines, H.R., P. Willink, and D.S. Maxwell. Stingray Spine Use and Maya Bloodletting Rituals: A Cautionary Tale. Latin American Antiquity 19 (1): 83-98.