Institute of Archaeology


Elizabeth Fentress - Honorary Visiting Professor


Name: Dr Elizabeth Fentress

Honorary Title: Honorary Visiting Professor

Email: e.fentress@ucl.ac.uk

IoA staff nominator's name and email address:

Corisande Fenwick c.fenwick@ucl.ac.uk


IoA involvement:

Elizabeth earned her MA in Roman Archaeology from the Institute in 1974, winning the Gordon Childe prize. Between 2000 and 2005 she directed the UCL-INSAP excavations at Volubilis, Morocco, with Nicholas Stanley Price, then Gaetano Palumbo and Hassan Limane. With the publication of that excavation in 2018 the UCL-INSAP project has begun a second round of excavations at the site, co-directed with Corisande Fenwick and Hassan Limane.


Selected recent publications

  • 2018      (ed. with H. Limane) Volubilis après Rome: Les fouilles UCL/INSAP 2000-2005- Brill.
  • 2016     (ed.  with C. Goodson and M. Maiuro) An Imperial Estate and its Legacies: Villamagna, near Anagni (Supplement to PBSR)
  • 2011     (ed., with P. Cressier) La Céramique Islamique Maghrébine du haut Moyen Âge. CEFR.  
  • 2011     (ed., with H. Dey) Western Monasticism Ante Litteram.The Spaces of Monastic Observance in   Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages. Brepols
  • 2009     (ed. with R. Holod and A. Drine) An Island through time:  Jerba Studies (JRA supp.71)