Institute of Archaeology


Efthymia Nikita - Honorary Research Fellow

Efthymia Nikita

Name: Dr Efthymia Nikita

Honorary Title :Honorary Research Fellow

Email: e.nikita@cyi.ac.cy

IoA staff nominator’s name and email address:

Corisande Fenwick c.fenwick@ucl.ac.uk


IoA involvement:

Efthymia is collaborating with Corisande Fenwick on the Tunisian-British Project at Bulla Regia (Tunisia) as well as the Volubilis Project (Morocco). On both projects, she is responsible for the study and publication of the human skeletal remains, addressing questions of mobility and life quality; issues that also largely fall under her People in Motion project. In this context, she is also collaborating with Corisande Fenwick with the mapping of bioavailable strontium isotopes in North Africa. She has also been invited to the OasCiv - Draa II project, co-directed by Corisande Fenwick and David Mattingly (University of Leicester).


Selected recent publications

  • Nikita E, Nikitas P. 2020. On the use of machine learning algorithms in forensic anthropology. Legal Medicine 47: 101771.
  • Nikita E, Xanthopoulou P, Bertsatos A, Chovalopoulou ME, Hafez I. 2019. A three‐dimensional digital microscopic investigation of entheseal changes as skeletal activity markers. American Journal of Physical Anthropology 169: 704-713.
  • Nikita E, Schrock C, Sabetai V, Vlachogianni E. 2019. Bioarchaeological perspectives to diachronic life quality and mobility in ancient Boeotia, central Greece: Preliminary insights from Akraiphia. International Journal of Osteoarchaeology 29: 26-35.
  • Nikita E, Michopoulou E. 2018. A quantitative approach for sex estimation based on cranial morphology. American Journal of Physical Anthropology 165: 507-517.
  • Nikita E. 2017. Osteoarchaeology: A Guide to the Macroscopic Study of Human Skeletal Remains. San Diego: Academic Press.