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Chris Stevens - Honorary Senior Research Fellow

Chris Stevens

Name: Dr Chris Stevens

Honorary Title: Honorary Senior Research Fellow

Email: c.stevens@ucl.ac.uk

IoA staff nominator’s name and email address:

Dorian Fuller d.fuller@ucl.ac.uk


Chris is currently working with Dorian Fuller, on a number of projects investigating the domestication of plants across the Old World. They have recently been looking at fruit tree-domestication in West Asia, and China, and their role within the transformation to urban societies. Together with Dorian Fuller, Chris has also been involved in the examination of the origins and spread of sorghum and pearl millet agriculture within Africa. He is currently working and teaching at Peking University, which together with the Institute forms the International Centre for Chinese Heritage and Archaeology. As part of such collaborations, Dorian Fuller, Zhang Hai (PKU), and Chris have been working on the domestication and spread of millets in China. They are also continuing to work on early rice agricultural systems.

Chris has previously taught on a number of Institute modules, and has made a particular contribution to our experimental archaeology course. He continues to contribute to ARCLG101 Archaeobotanical Analysis in Practice Intensive Short Course.


Research Publications

  • Stevens, C.J., Shelach-Lavi, G., Zhang H., Teng, M., Fuller DQ (In press for 2020/2021). A model for the domestication of common, proso or broomcorn millet (Panicum miliaceum) in China. Vegetation History & Archaeobotany
  • Fuller, D.Q, Stevens, C.J. (2019). Between Domestication and Civilization: The role of agriculture and arboriculture in the emergence of the first urban societies. Vegetation History & Archaeobotany 28(3): 263–28
  • Stevens, C.J., Fuller, D.Q (2019). The Fighting Flora: An Examination of the Origins and Changing Composition of the Weed Flora of the British Isles. In: Lightfoot E, Fuller DQ and Liu X (eds) 2018: Far from the Hearth. Cambridge: McDonald Institute Monographs), pp. 23-36.
  • Stevens C.J., Fuller, D.Q (2017) The spread of agriculture in Eastern Asia: Archaeological bases for hypothetical farmer/language dispersals. Language Dynamics and Change. 152-186
  • Stevens, C.J, Fuller, D.Q (2015). Alternative strategies to agriculture: the evidence for climatic shocks and cereal declines during the British Neolithic and Bronze Age (a reply to Bishop). World Archaeology, 47 (5), 856-875. doi:10.1080/00438243.2015.1087330